Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dynamic Features of Talk on Task: Unparalleled Performance with Great User Experience

Talk on Task is a tailor made Management Tool that is built for teams to make them perform at their best. The Software aims to manage complex projects across multiple teams, in both small and large enterprises and ensures optimum productivity is achieved. Talk on Task provides all the details and information about the project and teams, making sure that users are proficient at the work. 

The interface is Simple and Easy to understand and features every Possible Tool that is required to Manage Tasks and Projects with ease. Being a cloud-based software, it offers data security and follows a minimalistic approach to provide a flexible framework throughout. 

With amazing features at its disposal, Talk on Task is truly a central hub for your management team to take care of all the activities. Here are some of the best features of our fantastic software. 

• Project Ready Interface 

Every team in an enterprise has number of areas in a particular project that has individual sections like Management, Sales, Accounting, Marketing, and the likes. To ensure that productivity is maintained in every channel within the organisation, it becomes increasingly important to keep the information flowing with transparency. 

Talk on Task allows you to accomplish all of this by giving you a project ready interface out of the box that lets you manage team members with ease. It further allows them to collectively communicate within the channels, to ensure proper flow of data that can be used across multiple teams. 

• Option To Integrate Other Tools 

We all love some of the Standard Project Management Tools that make our work easy and we understand how much of an impact they have in the day to day business. Talk on Task comes ready with Tools Integration that allows you to link Intercom, Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce and likes to make it all very easy for you. All this turns Talk on Task a powerhouse for your enterprise, which is sure to work wonders for your team. 

• Powerful Analytics And Insights 

With Talk on Task, you have all the information you need at your disposal, when and where you want it, to make quick decisions whenever required in the project. It’s a tool that you can use to organise perfect Team Work, while having insights on the Data and Information to make things better. Since each and every task is managed by Talk on Task, things like project statuses and utilization of resources can be done using the tool with absolute peace of mind. 

• Task Status Management 

When it comes to Optimum Project Management, keeping a track on the assigned tasks plays a crucial role and this is where Talk on Task simply excels at. Using the tool, you can add items to the task and make changes in the old ones, on the go. We have integrated various ways, using which you could make changes in the tasks to suit your needs and requirements of a particular project, and this allows you to choose a method that best aligns up with you! 

• Powerful Search Capabilities 

When you manage projects on a bigger scale, it is really easy to get your Software, full of messages. It becomes a very tough task to look out for a particular massage from the said person of the team in such cases. Thanks to the Powerful Search Capabilities of Talk on Task, searching a message that you are looking for is like a walk in the park. 

Talk on Task allows you to search within the channel of a Particular Team and you can do the same, as per the Date and Relevance. If you are looking forward to search only for the links, then you can do the same as well. With Talk on Task, everything is meaningful and easy! 

• Improved Teamwork and Collaboration 

Talk on Task is designed to make teams within the project, Communicate Easily and Effectively. Passing on the message from one team member to another is quite a breeze within the software, and a user can get clarity on the project or on any specific query within seconds of passing the message. To top it all, the privacy of the sent message can further be controlled, in order to ensure it is not read by every member of the group. It is particularly important in case of sensitive projects, where the organisation doesn’t want to share the data with everyone. 

Talk on Task also lets you Share Images and Docs along with the messages, to make it more clear and precise with options like Move, Grouping of Messages, Copy, and Tags on Files. The software allows a clear insight on the projects, something that is not readily available with the traditional ways of management in an enterprise. 

• A Central Database For Your Every Need 

Projects in an organisation are always a teamwork and you need a central database to ensure you can manage it all together. It helps you to eliminate any mismanagement and keeps lot of vital information safe in the process while giving you an option to track people and tasks on real time basis, which are assigned. 

With Talk on Task, you have Browsers, Timers, Chat Windows, Desktop Apps, and Mobile Integration; all of which provides you a detailed control over every aspect of individual projects and tasks. Other vital features that are on offer are – User Stats, People Organisation, Real Time Task Status, Permissions, integrations to many third party apps, and more. 

All in all, Talk on Task is a phenomenal Project Management Software that is designed and developed to cater every enterprise’s needs and requirements. Use the software to manage your tasks and teams and get ahead of the competition while making the best use of what is on offer! 

Talk on Task is flexible and is a highly ranked application, which has received tonnes of positive reviews from around the globe. It is perfectly suited for small and big organisations alike and ensures teams perform at their best from start to finish of the projects. 

Talk on Taskan affordable and customisation software to give you an edge!

Talk on Task - From an Enterprise’s Owner Perspective

When I started my company, it was a small setup; a group of 5-6 people high on a passion to move it forward. Later, when our hard work started to pay, we expanded and became a 40 people strong company. The moment we were rapidly expanding, I felt a need for a Management Tool that would allow managing everyday task with ease. As we are a Software Development Company, we need to take care of many things on daily basis and I being the CEO, I have to ensure that all the BDEs and Project Managers are working at their level best. 

Like everyone else, my first choice with the project management tool was Asana because of the fact that it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past and everyone also suggested me to go ahead with the same. When I started to dig more information on the it, I realised that for someone who has never come across a Project Management Tool, Asana was really complex, its process was lengthy and despite being a good tool, it was not worthy of my investment because of the following facts: 

For a smaller enterprise like I’m running, I need a tool that is very easy to use and implement. Asana has been designed by keeping bigger organizations in mind and though has all the features; it is not as useful for a smaller set-up like mine. 

As we are still aggressively expanding, we recruit people who are fresh out of their college and giving them a Project Management Tool that is very easy to understand and operate, is what I aspire to get. Asana is not only complex, but I might have to give new recruits an additional training to understand the concept of how Asana works. 

I want a simplistic approach towards working, where I would be able to take care of everything that is happening around my workforce by looking at one window. I don’t want to access many windows or go through lengthy steps to access information on a particular project or executive that asana is based on. Moreover, I’m looking forward to having a tool that offers me everything. I don’t want to install 4 other management tools in order to complete the workflow in my enterprise. 

I want a Seamless Integration between the systems. I want a project management tool that has a fully working dedicated Application, using which I can keep a track on the working in my enterprise even when I’m on tours or when I’m meeting a client so that I would be able to show him the live reports of the projects. 

All these were some of the areas I was little concerned about when I started digging out more information on Asana and its likes. I wanted a project management tool that is different from the plethora of options this market is flooded with and I was looking out for a tool that was specifically designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. 

Enters the Talk on Task

To be honest, when I first came across Talk on Task, I was little sceptical about it. See, that’s the perception of a common man when some organisation comes up with a promising Project Management Tool but we are so consumed with the players of the market, that the first thought we have for the new tool is always negative. 

Talk on Task is a Project Management Tool that has taken the best of everything that has been developed till now and has polished it to make it the best. I’m simply not saying it because I have implemented it in my enterprise, but I’m saying it because when you start to explore its tools and the advantages it has on offer, you will realize that it is not only better than the options available in the market, but it is actually designed to save you a lot of time and improve your productivity by tenfold.

Here are the things that I absolutely love about Talk on Task and the things that make it the best Project Management tool out there according to me. 
  • Easy To Use and Implement 
The entire tool is designed so effectively that even a newbie would be able to use it without any problem. The texts and graphics that are used in the tool are great and you even don’t have to upgrade the systems of your enterprise to implement it. It works flawlessly with the systems you are already working on and it is actually a very first tool that I have come across that follows the pattern of plug and play. 
  • Single Window Concept 
Talk on task works on Single Window Concept, where you have every information and tools at your disposal at one window. The biggest advantage of it is for a clumsy person like me, who doesn’t want to open different tabs and then keeps getting confused which one was which. The entire management can be done from the window you have in front of you. It has everything neatly laid out on the screen and it makes working on the tool very, very easy. 
  • Flexible 
Talk on Task is an open system where everyone is visible to everyone. The best part of it being it is completely configurable as per the needs and requirements of your projects or if you are looking forwardto handles just the team. For example, if you plan to use Talk on Task for projects, then you have all the right tools at your disposal to get the best out of it. Similarly, if you are planning to implement Talk on Task just to manage the team in your organization, then voila! Talk on Task will serve you the purpose very well. 

Features That Makes Talk on Task Perfect for Enterprises

As the owner of a company, my future planning was always been to expand my brand and with the help of Talk on Task, it is something that can be achieved in the anticipated time, because of the number of important features it has on offer. Here are some, that I believe helps me the most. 
  • In-Built Chat With Many Features 
I had a habit to communicate with my team using Skype as I still believe it is the most solid platform when it comes to sharing images, links, and doing general chatting that includes all the details. 

When I came across Talk on Task and saw the chat window it has on offer, I was taken by surprise to find the fact that it is in fact much better than Skype. Talk on Task allows you to have a normal chat with any of the employees and if you want to have a chat related to any specific project, then all you have to do is to click on the project (The tasks and projects that you have made, shows on the right side of single window in a tabular format) and then you have an option to do chats related to that specific project only. 

This serves you two important aspects – First, if you want to have just a normal chat, then it can be done using a separate chat window and it won’t have any effect on the chat related to the project. This is especially important when you want to keep professional aspects of the project intact and thus it keeps the interface clean as well. With built-in filters, you are also able to look out for specific information without wasting any time and all you have to do is to type the keyword and the tool will show all the related information from the chat to you. 

You also have an option to include the client in the chat with the helpdesk feature, where he will be able to keep a detailed track on the progress of his project on day to day basis. Earlier, when I used to connect with a client, I had to take the information from him first, before passing on to the team and it used to take additional time with a scope of some or the other info getting lost in the translation. Now with an option to integrate the client into the project, the client can have a direct word with the developer and can convey his needs and requirements on the chat window itself; where everyone related to the specific projects can then take an active part in the same, making working on the project a complete delight! 

The chat also allows you to share images and attach documents from the computer that you might have saved and as it supports all the major formats, it becomes a breeze to manage all the work on the chat window itself. Another important aspect of the chat window is cloud storage, where all the chats are saved over the cloud and the data remains safe for future access as well. 
  • Direct Task Assign Feature 
Before I switched to Talk on Task, I tried other Project Management Software and all of them had this lengthy process to assign a task to any specific team member. Talk on Task has made the entire process of assigning tasks very easy and all you have to do is to click on the chat window of the person you want to assign the task to and there you will get an option to assign a task. Unlike every other Project Management tool out there, where you have to go through lengthy menus to go to the task assignment option; Talk on Task lets you do it with just a click. 
  • Auto Filter 
The in-built auto filter feature only shows you the chats and the information that is related to the project you are working upon. This saves a lot of time especially when you are looking for specific details and the Talk on Task allows you to get all the information you need right at your fingertips.
  • Live Map and Location 
Another unique feature that Talk on Task has on offer is the live location tracking in the inbuilt map within the tool. This comes in handy whenever I have an agent in the field and I want to know his location. The management tool perfectly syncs with the App and provides the live location of the employees who are out in the market with clients. It is also important whenever I need to send any of the team members a location of the client and as I can see how far a particular sales member is from the location, I can easily assign the lead to the member who is nearest to the location. 
  • Best Tool For Time Tracking Of Employees 
As a small enterprise, we have to take immense care of the working hours of employees and to ensure the same; we need to track the time in a very accurate manner. Thanks to Talk on Task’s state of the art time tracking system, I can be assured all the time that every activity of individual employee is mapped on the tool and I can get the details at a touch of a button. 

Talk on Task prevents the employees to keep two tasks live at the same time. When an employee is working on a particular task, only that task is active and gets timed accordingly. If an employee is working on two tasks then only that task is going to be active on which the employee is working and the other task will be automatically inactive. This prevents the employee to keep two tasks active at the same time and aid in correct time calculation, which is very much important for smaller enterprises, where sometimes we pay the employees based on the hours they have worked on a particular project. 

Apart from this, using Talk on Task, you can keep a track on when the employee logged in to the system and when he logged out and the total number of hours he has spent in a day/week/month. All this makes Talk on Task a phenomenal tool to calculate working hours of individual employees working on different projects. 
  • Colour-Coded Tasks 
Talk on tasks lets you colour code your tasks as per the need and thus, you can have a unique dashboard layout where you could prioritise your tasks as per the colours. For example, the task you have to complete in 1-2 days can be coloured in red and the rest of the tasks can be coloured as per the requirement, so that you could have marked the tasks as per their priority status. 

All in all, Talk on Task is an amazing tool for smaller and bigger enterprises alike and I’m glad that I came across some of the most unique features it has on offer. The more I’m using Talk on Task, the more I’m discovering its features and trust me; it has made management in my enterprise simply outstanding.

Highly recommended! 
Mr Abhishek Gaur.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Simple and easy approach to get started with TOT

Hello Everyone! 
This Blog gonna help you out to get started with Talk on Task. 
One of the most common query we get from many prospective TOT users, That how to get their organization use it. Although they have had heard about TOT, That it provides the transparency, productivity and a single platform for multiple works. But the question is how and from where to get started, Since it's been a new platform and a new way to work in a team. So what are some basic, brisk approaches to begin, and extend it all through your organization?

Getting onto the board: 
Very first someone at your company needs to register to talk on task(TOT) by providing valid company domain name and email address. After verification of email address, you will get one-time login id and password. It's okay to start with basic free trial version, as it is free for 10 users and 5 GB data is also free. You can upgrade to paid feature later.

Adding users to Talk on task : 
Once you have logged in to talk on task you have all the access to the application. You are an admin for your registered company. You can add multiple users(member) by providing valid Userid, password, selecting user type as (Admin, User, Client admin). You can create projects, groups, tasks, reports, and log.

Start with a small project: 
Most roll-outs of TALK ON TASK starts with a small project, and that’s quite alright. Start with a modest bunch of individuals who regularly work together on a single project, Add them as users in Talk on task. Login id and password will be emailed to all the new user who was recently added.

Now pick a project, Add it to talk on task and track it entirely in TOT. Further, You can create tasks and assign those to respective person and keep a track on them. Being the admin, you can keep an eye on following:

->Tracking project & user Workflow. 
->Analytic and Insight of tasks. 
->Auto Manage work log and calculate the time for each task done. 
->View Detailed reports on Progress. 

Your project chat window will likely fill with daily team status updates, discussions around project ideas, development notes, and files such as images or whatever shared documents your team needs. Ultimately, the entire life of the project from beginning to end is tracked in talk on task.

Now ask questions to yourself: 

Your first project is now completed using trial period of Talk on task, just pause for a minute to survey how TOT played into the procedure:

Did TALK ON TASK enhanced your team communication? Could every one of them stay in the loop reading the project tasks? Have you skipped any status/update? Was it a relief to simply post news to the TOT project group and not have to CC a dozen people on every email? Did you search for past documents or mock-ups to see the power of having everything in one place?

If the response you got is positive after asking all these questions. Surely you will move to Talk on task.

TOT team.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Increase team efficiency and productivity, Keep focus on your goals and accomplish them by using 'Talk on task'

Talk on task

Do you ever felt that you don’t have enough hours to complete the list of tasks that are assigned to you? 

Is this the actual problem or there’s something else under the hood which is dragging you back? One thing is sure that there is a problem which is badly hurting you on the grounds of efficiency and productivity. 

Though you are pretty much busy in emailing, having a conversation with teammates on related tasks, Communicating with clients, shuffling the list of tasks and many more. Still, At the end of the day your tasks status are pending and none of them has been completed. Time to pay attention and figure out what is going wrong :( 

Is there any fundamental mistake which is holding you back? 

That’s where we come to this amazing tool called Talk on Task (TOT), which has been designed solely to encounter these fundamental issues. 

Let us highlight some of the key features of the tool which will help to embrace and nurture your potential to its fullest capability: 

1. Single Window Concept: Your most of the time is wasted in toggling different windows for different purposes like emailing, Chats, Bug tracking, project management, etc. In TOT, You don't need to toggle on different windows for completing your task, Being on the same window you can do almost everything required to accomplish your task goal, e.g. detailing of task, exploring projects, browsing a list of contacts and performing chats. 

2. Engage with multiple projects from a single place: Being in this multitasking and evolving work culture every now and then we have to get engaged into multiple projects. With TOT adding in help to such situations now you can add tasks to different projects from one place, So everybody involved then can easily perceive how work is advancing with respect to their own project. 
Here, the best part is that all of the group members, teammates are notified when the tasks, status or remarks are added. So you don't need to stress over refreshing different projects or send separate messages to make everyone aware of updates and progress on the project. This also helps our cause where 'Project status meeting' with teammates and the long chain of emails are regular now a days. In TOT, members can share the status update with stakeholder/client (just add them in the task), So everyone can see the status of the task being on the same window. 

3. Keep in touch with the Client by regular communication (Because client matters most!) : Miscommunication on the requirements with clients can be disastrous to any Information Technology organization. What the client wants and what you deliver is different many times and can cause serious damage in terms of rework and organizations delivery quality. 
To overcome this problem TOT provides easy communication with the clients, you can add your client in the project and he/she can see each and every update of the tasks and can provide feedback on the go.. 

4. Keep Track on every task by setting priority and Estimated Time: In TOT, you can set priorities, estimated hours, estimated date to complete the task, resulting in reducing your overall time to manage the tasks of different projects. 

I hope all these above points could save your time and you can easily meet your deadlines. 

To experience all these amazing features please visit:- www.talkontask.com

Team TOT!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Origin of Talk on Task(TOT)

talk on task

Hello Fellas, 
As everyone of us is aware that there is a revolutionary change going in our country, before 3 to 4 years ago, generally, a youngster who is highly passionate about his/her career at his highest capacity was only can think up to a point where he/she was looking for the Job in good multinational company. 

But now a days scenario has been changed dramatically, youngsters who are highly passionate are going for their own new startups.

And in most of the cases, I found that they are successful in starting their new venture, things are going normally in starting face up till 2-3 years. But after few years like most of the organization’s growth, it get stuck at a certain point. Similar thing is happening with me. I started my career as a Software developer, after getting 3 years of experience in mobile application development I started my own venture with the team of 6 developers, things were going well and within two years we manage to expand the team up to 40 developers. 

Now after that express phase of expanding, we get stuck for next two and half year in certain situation where sometimes we managed to reach up to break-even point and at other time we also have to face the loss. During this struggling phase, my research started as why this thing is happening? Why most of the startups which grows so fast at the beginning, locked their way out as they move along? 

I found that there are certain factors which is causing all these, most significant factors who were topping the charts are :
  • Undefined goals/objectives. 
  • Every now and then there is a change in the Scope. 
  • Lack of communication among the team. 
  • Miscommunication between client and team. 
  • Security measures. 
  • Unorganized workflow.
Now as of now I am pretty much aware about the factors which are causing these issues but still don’t have the clue on how to overcome these problems. 

Thus in this difficult situation our team sit down and we have got our think tank to start firing at their maximum and yes that helped and we come up with something which helps to overcome these issues and facilitate us with : 
  • Resource planning 
  • Team Management
  • Analytic and Insights 
  • Auto Managing work logs and calculate the time for each task done hence improved efficiency. 
  • Generate detailed report of the team, projects, and clients. 
All these features are wrapped up into a single solution and we name the platform which is built using Artificial intelligence as "Talk on task". 

Talk on task is a management tool, specifically designed to run businesses smoothly and achieve growth. Equipped with many features, it gets me to run projects flawlessly. Understand and flag any impediments in the project up front is the key factor with any project's success story which naturally came when we have started using Talk on task's monitoring tools. It also helps me to keep an eye on progress and productivity of individuals. Thus, with these excellent features I managed to get the things back on track and now heading in the upward direction to the contrary to going down when I was not using talk on task.

To experience all these amazing features please visit:- www.talkontask.com

Talk on task team!